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With our help, over 200 million Drh worth of properties have been expertly managed via Akarati by our loyal customers, who trust us to help them reach their full potential. By partnering with us, you too can achieve your goals and realize the endless possibilities. Don’t wait, join now to see how our proven methods have transformed lives and businesses alike.

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why would I use akarati, why not just excel files?

Akarati organizes all projects information and allow you to manage all the company processes with customizable workflows anytime and from anywhere.

It also connect you with your brokers, financial auditors and your customers under one system.

can I get full refund, if i don't get what i expected?

You won’t even need that, because we give you a training website access for you and all your teams to see everything your self before going live with actual project data. 

what if there is something that i need but akarati doesn't have it?

We’ll be more than happy to support you along the way, our engineering team can customize Akarati to exact fit what you need.

can i have only the services i need or do i have to buy the entire erp?

Yes, Akarati is designed as modular structure which allows you to use only what you need then add more services as you go. 

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