In the fast-paced realm of Dubai’s real estate sector, efficiency and compliance are critical for success. Enter Akarati—an innovative cloud-based ERP system meticulously crafted for real estate professionals. Akarati offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline operations, ensure regulatory adherence, and enhance overall productivity in Dubai’s dynamic property market.


The Need for Advanced Real Estate Management Solutions

Dubai’s real estate industry operates in a highly regulated environment where precision and speed are paramount. Managing complex processes such as sales, settlements, contract terminations, and project progress inspections demands a robust system that can automate tasks while maintaining compliance with government regulations.

Akarati: Tailored Features for Dubai’s Real Estate Sector

Akarati stands out as the go-to solution with its tailored features:

Pre-Defined Business Processes for Seamless Real Estate Management

Akarati simplifies real estate workflows with pre-defined processes that cover every aspect of property management. Whether it’s closing a sale, handling settlements, or conducting project inspections, Akarati ensures smooth operations while validating all government requirements at each step. Notably, the system automatically calculates government fees, saving time and reducing errors.


Seamless Integration with Dubai’s OQOOD System

Integration with Dubai’s OQOOD system is seamless with Akarati. Real estate professionals can import property listings, customer data, and sales information directly from OQOOD into Akarati. What’s more, Akarati enables one-click registration of sales directly in OQOOD, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in transactions.


Empowering Broker Networks with a Dedicated Sales Dashboard

Akarati goes beyond traditional ERP systems by empowering real estate brokers with a specialized platform. Brokers can access real-time information on available units, issue reservation forms, attach customer KYCs, and finalize bookings online. The comprehensive sales dashboard provides invaluable insights into performance metrics and commissions, empowering brokers to make informed decisions swiftly.


Enhancing Client Communication with Automated Payment Reminders

Efficient client communication is key in real estate transactions. Akarati automates payment reminders through fully customizable emails, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely payments. This feature not only enhances cash flow but also improves client satisfaction and overall business efficiency.


SEO Focus: Real Estate Management ERP Dubai

Implementing Akarati’s advanced real estate management ERP system in Dubai can significantly enhance operational efficiency and compliance. The system’s seamless integration with the OQOOD platform, comprehensive business processes, and automated features make it an indispensable tool for real estate professionals operating in Dubai.

Customized Mobile App for Enhanced Accessibility

Akarati offers a personalized mobile app branded with your company’s logo and identity. This app allows customers to access property details, review account statements, manage documents, receive upcoming payment notifications, and directly communicate with their account managers. The mobile app enhances customer engagement and transparency, setting your real estate business apart in Dubai’s competitive market.

Ensuring Government Regulation Compliance at Every Step

Akarati takes the guesswork out of compliance by embedding government regulations into its business processes. From sales transactions to project inspections, Akarati ensures adherence to all regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and optimizing processes for real estate professionals.

Harnessing Advanced Reporting and Predictive Analytics

Akarati leverages cutting-edge technology like predictive analytics and AI-driven insights to provide a competitive edge in Dubai’s real estate landscape. Machine learning algorithms analyze market trends, customer behavior, and industry shifts, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Akarati is not just an ERP system—it’s a game-changer for real estate management in Dubai. By incorporating Akarati’s tailored features into your operations, you can optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and ultimately drive growth in Dubai’s thriving real estate market.

To learn more about Akarati and its transformative capabilities, visit the official Akarati website and request a demo today. Elevate your real estate management strategy with Akarati and experience the future of property management in Dubai.


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