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In the dynamic world of real estate, efficient financial management is paramount for success. AKARATI is your trusted partner, offering a suite of robust finance features designed to streamline and elevate your financial operations. Let’s explore the financial capabilities of AKARATI, with a special focus on the invaluable Payment Notification feature, and discover how it can transform your business.

Accounts Payables Management for Real Estate Finance

Effective management of financial outflows is fundamental to the real estate industry. With AKARATI’s Accounts Payables Management, you gain control over various payment processes:

All Outflow Payments: AKARATI simplifies the management of all outflow payments, ensuring a seamless financial flow within your organization.
Contractors: Easily manage payments to contractors, ensuring timely disbursements and accurate records.
Vendors: Streamline your vendor payments, ensuring a smooth relationship with your suppliers.
Brokers: Manage payments to brokers effortlessly, enhancing collaboration and trust.
Commercial or Escrow Accounts: AKARATI supports the management of commercial or escrow accounts, keeping your finances organized.
Payment Approval: Streamline the payment approval process, reducing delays and errors.
TAS Comparative Analysis: Benefit from comprehensive TAS comparative analysis for informed decision-making.

Sales Features

Accounts Receivables Management

Efficiently managing incoming funds is just as crucial. AKARATI offers a range of features to support your accounts receivables:

Receipts: Easily record and track receipts from customers and tenants.

PDCs Management: Manage post-dated checks with precision and receive timely reminders.

Cryptocurrency: Stay ahead in the digital era by facilitating cryptocurrency transactions.

Payment Statement of Accounts: Keep your customers informed with comprehensive payment statements.

NQOODI Payments: Integrate seamlessly with NQOODI for payment processing.

Automatic Calculations of DLD Fees: AKARATI automates the calculation of Dubai Land Department fees, ensuring accuracy.

Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports for informed decision-making.

Inflow Management: Effectively manage and track incoming payments for a well-organized financial system.

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Payment Notification

Real-time Alerts: AKARATI’s Payment Notification feature ensures that you and your clients receive real-time alerts about payment-related matters. This includes notifications for due payments, successful transactions, and any payment changes, helping you stay on top of financial interactions.

Customizable Notifications: Tailor your payment notifications to your specific needs. You can customize the frequency, content, and delivery method of payment notifications, providing a personalized experience for you and your clients.

Enhanced Transparency: Payment Notification enhances transparency by keeping all stakeholders informed. This feature fosters trust and confidence in financial transactions, promoting a healthy client-developer relationship.

Automated Reminders: Say goodbye to missed payments. Payment Notification automates the process of sending payment reminders, reducing the chances of payment delays and associated issues.

Interactive Dashboards: Access interactive dashboards that provide a visual representation of payment status and history. These dashboards enable quick and easy monitoring of financial transactions.

Instant Updates: Receive instant updates on payment statuses, ensuring that you can take prompt action if needed. Whether it’s a successful payment or an overdue notice, you’ll be in the know.

Client Engagement: Payment Notification is a valuable tool for client engagement. It keeps clients informed and engaged throughout the payment process, fostering a positive experience and trust in your real estate services.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate Payment Notification with other AKARATI features, such as Sales and Accounts Receivables Management. This ensures that payment information is always up-to-date and synchronized across your operations.

Compliance and Record-keeping: Ensure compliance with financial regulations and maintain detailed records of payment notifications for audit and compliance purposes.

Incorporating AKARATI’s robust finance features, along with the powerful Payment Notification feature, into your real estate operations can be a game-changer, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and financial control. Whether you’re a developer, broker, or involved in any aspect of the real estate industry, AKARATI is your trusted partner in financial management. With Payment Notification, your financial operations will reach new heights, providing a seamless and informed experience for both you and your clients.

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